The Great White Buffalo

After reading James v Burger’s review of Nice & Sleazy’s new range of burgers, I decided I’d try one whilst in pre-gig during the week.

It was hard to choose as the majority took my fancy! The range of ingredients on each burger is impressive, on average around 5 items with the burger. I narrowed it down to either the Red Mist (chicken breast in sage, thyme, lemon zest with smoked cheddar, double bacon, caramalised onions, mature chedder, bbq sauce & hot buffalo sauce) or Great White Buffalo burger (Jack-Daniels soaked burger with tabasco, worcester sauce, bacon, stilton, garlic mayo, red onion marmalade & hot buffalo sauce)- as put by my friend, chicken or beef? I decided to take the plunge & go with the Great White Buffalo.

When the burger arrived, I thought it looked pretty small but on closer inspection saw how packed it was with the additional ingredients. It came with a small glass filled with triple cooked chips. Again another small looking portion compared to usual pub grub. After cutting the burger in half, you can see just how jam packed it is with ingredients:

On first bite, all I could think was “chinese food”. It was a bizarre taste that came from the mix of the sweet jack daniels, worcester sauce & caramelised onions. Not unpleasant but definitely not what I was expecting from this burger! After one half of the burger, I realised I had forgotten that it had Stilton in it. Any taste of the blue cheese was swamped by the garlic mayo which covered the top half of the burger. What really got the thumbs up from me about this burger was the bacon – lovely thin & crispy bacon. Beats the fatty, thick pieces that normally accompany burgers. The caramelised onions were also nice & sweet with a slight acidity that went nicely with both the burger & the garlic mayo.

Overall, I’d say a decent burger but not the best I’ve ever had. My tip to Nice & Sleazy’s would be to reduce the amount of additional ingredients with the burger. If the Great White Buffalo was advertised as having garlic mayo & caramlised onions with it instead of garlic mayo, stilton, caramelised onions & hot buffalo sauce, I definitely would not have been disappointed with how it all blended in together. 

A final point that my fiance asked me to put up is the table cloth he thought was awesome (I don’t know what goes through his head!).

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