The Tea Rooms @ Butterfly & Pig

I recently visited the Tea Rooms as The Butterfly & The Pig for my mum’s birthday. It was actually the second time in the past few months I had been there for afternoon tea as I’d been in July for my hen party. Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “Afternoon Tea? Is that not just tiny finger sandwiches & scones?”. If you think that, then get yourself down to the Tea Rooms & you’ll be blown away by their afternoon tea!


The Tea Rooms are upstairs to the actual Butterfly & Pig bar/restaurant. As soon as you enter the building, you’re greeted with a vintage desk adorned with lots of vintage bits of bric a brac. It sets you up nicely for the whole vibe of the place. The Tea Rooms themselves seat around 20-30 covers, giving it a nice cosy feel. There decor is tastefully vintage, with lots of nice touches. I especially liked the shelf containing a collection of various teapots. Quite fitting! We were seated at one of the windows, which had a bench & 2 seats opposite. The only problem with this was that we were right next to the cake cabinet – so many amazing delights on display!


We had the normal afternoon tea which contains unlimited tea, sandwiches, cakes & scones for £12.50pp. If you want to have a glass of bubbles as well, it is an extra £4pp. Compared with other venues that offer afternoon tea, £12.50 is around average, if not a bit cheaper than most venues given that you get unlimited tea. When ordering the afternoon tea, your waiter will ask you if anyone has any dietary requirements & they will bring a custom afternoon tea to fit your needs.


Now down to the main attraction! The afternoon tea itself is HUGE! I’ll work my way down from the top (yes there is that much!). On the top tier, there are salmon bilinis accompanied with a pot of pickled cucumber. A very Swedish touch to the afternoon tea. The pickled cucumber was a hit for our table. Something about it made it very moreish!


The second tier is where the main attraction is – CAKE! Each person gets half a scone with cream & jam on it & there are an assortment of cupcakes & slices of cake. Our cakes included cherry scones, banana & walnut bread & peanut butter & jelly cupcakes. I will say, if you do not like any particular types of cake, say to your waiter. I was the only one our of our party who likes peanut butter so 3 of our cupcakes went to waste which was a shame. Back to the scones, yes half a scone does not sound like much but these scones are the size of a saucer which more than make up for not having a full scone.


The final tier contains a selection of sandwiches & salted crisps. Now having been to various afternoon teas in the past, I have had some pretty awful sandwiches. Ones that are no thicker than your finger & containing fillings like cucumber & cream cheese that no-one would eat on a normal day! These sandwiches are pretty big, with around 3-4 per person, per stand. The fillings are also pretty tasty with our sandwiches including tuna mayo & onion, ham & pickle, chicken & bacon mayo & beef with grain mustard. Altogether, the afternoon tea is a lot to handle but if you’re hungry, then it’s the perfect alternative to the normal lunch. If there is some leftover, the staff will also be more than happy to put some in a doggy bag.


Overall, the afternoon tea at the Tea Rooms was a big hit & I find it hard for any other afternoon tea in Glasgow to live up to it. One part I would change is to have the jam & cream served separately to prevent any disappointment for those who prefer their scones with cream & jam vs jam & cream (it’s a big deal don’t you know)!

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