Bibi’s Cantina – A Taste of Mexico

You’d be forgiven for having not heard about Bibi’s or having walked past it without noticing it. Bibi’s is a small, Mexican restaurant based on the farther end of Partick’s Dumbarton Road. Inside the restaurant, it is a cosy affair with a couple of windows seats, soft lighting, mexican artifacts dotted around the place & a small bar situated to the right of the restaurant. The restaurant can hold around 30 covers at any one time so booking 2-3 weeks in advance for a Friday/Saturday night is not uncommon.

Margarita Shot!Tortillas & Salsa

This was our third time dining at Bibi’s but our first as part of a group. When seated, the staff bring over some tortilla chips & salsa to munch on as well as a shot of frozen margarita – all on the house! The menu changes quite often & what you see in the restaurant may be different from the website. This was the case when we went & I was a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to some shrimp tacos to start.

Black Bean & Cactus TaquitosCalamari

Instead I opted for the black bean & cactus taquitos. For those who aren’t familiar with mexican food, taquitos are like  a cross between a fajita, burrito & taco & are oven baked & stuffed with filling. I had previously tried cactus at Wahaca in London & liked the taste of it. Bibi’s version was much more subtle, with the black beans overshadowing any flavour the cactus had. I also tried one of the calamari rings with spicy aioli. The ring itself was quite chunky, a nice change from the skimpy bits of squid you often find. The aioli was pleasant but didn’t pack much of a punch.

FajitasSpicy Pork

We didn’t have much of a wait between our starters & mains which I guess is down to the small size of the restaurant. I went for good old fajitas – chicken marinated in tequila, triple sec & lime. The fajitas are accompanied by tortillas, mexican cheese, sour cream, salsa & guacamole. I had eaten the fajitas previously & they were tasty but lacking a bit of heat in them. I was not disappointed this time. The chicken & veg were flavoursome with a big of a kick to them. The guacamole was also fresh, having been made that day in house. One thing I love about getting the fajitas here is that you don’t have to worry about making your accompaniments stretch to cover your full serving. Instead, they will happily supply you will more sides & tortillas if you run out. I actually couldn’t finish my fajitas & they gave me a doggy bag to take home with some extra accompaniments too!

Chicken PicadilloTaco Station

I  tried some of the other mains within the group. The first was chicken picadillo which was shredded chicken with apples, raisins, tomatoes, olives, almonds, coriander, herbs and spices in a chipotle sauce. As you would expect this was quite fresh & fruity but not too overpowering that you lose the mexican taste to it. I also sampled the spicy shredded pork with a spicy chipolte sauce. This was very similar to the pulled pork you can find almost anywhere in Glasgow these days but the addition of the chipolte gave it a bit of depth to it. One member of our group had the taco station which involved 3 tacos with different fillings (chilli, shredded pork & veg chilli in this case) & all the accompaniments. From the picture you can see just how much food was included! Definitely not one for the faint hearted!

A couple of things I need to mention regarding Bibi’s. The first is the drinks. They do really good frozen margaritas, mainly down to the 2 slushie machines that they have churning away. They also have quite a decent selection of tequilas for sipping pre or post meal. Mines is a patron xo 🙂 Secondly, the staff are a real highlight of the dining experience. They are very attentive but not too overbearing & are happy to provide you with anything you may require during the meal.

Even if you’re not a spice fan, Bibi’s definitely has a bit of something for everything & you can always ask for the food to be made mild. Definitely one of my top restaurants in Glasgow!

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