2014 – The Year Ahead for Get Stuffed


2014, a new year, a time for looking ahead & seeing what this year will bring. I have been doing a lot of that recently in terms of the blog & what fresh new content I can bring to keep you all interested! Don’t worry, we will continue to bring you the reviews you have been used to!

Healthy Eating

As with most people, I most definitely overindulged during the festive season with lots of rich food, alcohol & of course the mountain of Christmas sweets! However, it wasn’t just Christmas that lead to me gaining some weight. I did an intensive detox & training program on the run up to my wedding. After this, I lost all motivation for clean eating & hitting the gym. Now the New Year is upon us & I have our delayed Honeymoon in May to get in shape for, there isn’t a better time to think about changing my eating habits.

I am going to be adopting a mix of the Paleo diet & clean eating. For those who may not be aware of the Paleo diet, it is also known as the Caveman diet & aims at eating a diet similar to the first humans did. This involves a lot of meat, fruit & veg as well as good fats such as coconut oil & almond oil. It also involves cutting out all diary, wheat, sugar etc. Clean eating on the other hand involves eating only fresh produce. Therefore you can still eat items like dairy & wheat but no condiments or processed foods. Personally, I love my condiments & have previously tackled diets where I cut out sugar so I have decided to do a mix of both.

For the majority of the next 4 weeks I will be cutting out wheat (except wholegrains), dairy (except milk for my porridge), caffeine (green tea is allowed), alcohol & sugar. I stress the word majority as I will be allowing myself either a cheat meal or cheat day during this time & we are taking a weekend away as a belated xmas present so I do want to enjoy it! I will also be hitting the gym doing weight training & minimal cardio as it’s not getting running season.

I have to stress that this is not so much a diet as getting back into a way of eating healthily. I am not going to be counting calories or adjusting my diet to my macros. I am simply amending my eating habits to ensure I am getting the best out of food without filling my body with rubbish. I’ll be doing weekly updates on my plan & providing recipes for anything new that I try that I think others may want to have a go at.


It may not have come across in my previous posts but I do enjoy cooking. Whether it be making the usual weeknight dinner, baking cakes for a special occasion or experimenting with one of my cookbooks. During 2014, my aim is to attempt a recipe a week & I will blog about it, showing the results & whether I would recommend it.

The Hunt for the Best Chicken Wings

Being a big big fan of chicken wings, over this year, I will be embarking on the Chicken Wing Hunt, trying to find the best wings on offer out there. So if you know of somewhere whose wings we should try, get the suggestions to us!

I’m hoping that there may be some more exciting ventures for us later in 2014 but until then, I hope you have a good year ahead & thank everyone for their continued support!!


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