The Highs & Lows of Detox

In my previous post, I focussed a lot of going back on a strict detox I followed the few weeks before my wedding. This involves cutting out alcohol, sugar, dairy, wheat & caffeine. I decided to give it another shot as I gained a lot of benefit from it before my wedding.

Well all I can say is that this week has been interesting. I pre-planned my meals which is essential when attempting to follow a healthy eating plan so that you can ensure you have everything you need & there is no room for excuses. Some examples of dishes I had this week are (recipes to follow):

Ginger & Chilli WingsChicken FajitasQuinoa Fried RiceSalmon with Black Bean Crust & Stir Fry Veg


Boiled Eggs or Porridge (made with milk) with a small glass of orange juice (not from concentrate)


Quinoa “Fried Rice” or Homemade Ham soup


Ginger & chilli chicken wings with sweet potato disks, broccoli & corn on the cob

Homemade Chilli with brown rice

Chicken Fajitas with lettuce wraps instead of tortillas

Snacks (2-3 a day)

Fruit (pears & oranges), olives (small portion), handful of homemade spicy almonds or carrot batons.

I will admit, I was surprised at how easily I slipped back into it. Ok yes I was quite tired in the mornings without a coffee (even if it is all psychological) but a cup of green tea (check out Dormouse Tea CompanyΒ Β Β ) helped with that. I think in all honesty my body needed the break from all of the junk & booze I had consumed over the festive period. I decided to weigh myself on Monday night to see the damage that has been done & the result made even more determined to focus on the week ahead & not allow any slip ups.

Come Thursday, I was a bit of a wreck. I was fed up with eating the same stuff, I wanted to just have a nice bit of bread & butter. Maybe not what most people would first crave but I LOVE bread & always find giving it up a chore. I also had a hankering for a skinny Starbucks Latte which again I fought against.

On Saturday, I decided to have my “treat” meal. Now most people use this to go out for dinner or have a takeaway. I used it to make homemade donner meat so I could have some pitta breads & allow myself some bread as that was my main craving. The meal hit the spot & the amazing thing about homemade donner is that you know exactly what has went into it & are not left with a horrible greasy feeling after.

Today, however, has been a totally different story. I have been an emotional wreck all day, fed up with the limitations & not being allowed even healthy foods that are forbidden in this detox. Going food shopping did not help with people walking around with Pizzas & racks of sweet on special offer. Then when it came to the age old question of “What will we have for dinner tonight?”, I had to request that we just go to the checkout as I couldn’t face that decision given the limitations. You would think it would make the decision easier but when you are surrounded by temptation, it really isn’t.

I”ll be honest, I can’t see me keeping this up much longer than maybe another week or 2. We are going away for the weekend next weekend & I fully intend to take a break from this plan. I’ve always had a volatile relationship with food. I love it & I always have done. I love cooking new recipes, trying stuff out & of course baking. On a plan like this I can’t allow myself to venture much farther than something safe. This is just too restricting for me & as a result makes me miserable when trying to plan the week ahead’s meals. [EDIT] I should mention that I weighed myself today & have had a 6lb loss. The struggle has been worthwhile in that sense but in terms of making me happy it’s not worth keeping it up in the long term.

As the good old saying goes, everything in moderation. I think I shall be adopting this philosophy when I finally lost the plot with this plan. As long as you know what goes into it & don’t overindulge, why should you not eat what you want & when you want?!


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