Bread Meats Bread – Revisit

In autumn last year, we visited Bread Meats Bread at one of their pre-launch evenings & came away with a so-so view. Since then, I’d heard good reviews from friends and more recently, my sister who visited recently for dinner.

From their Facebook posts, I’d seen a mention of their new specials, American style burgers celebrating burgers in 3 American regions for the next 3 weeks. This week is California & they are offering an In n Out burger style effort (somewhere I am dying to go) & it sounded pretty good. Last night, James vs Burger put up a post declaring it as the best burger he’s ever eaten in Glasgow so I knew it was worth checking out.


We popped along this afternoon (literally left there 20 mins ago) & decided to try the burger. It’s a 3oz patty with cheese, salad & burger sauce & you can get it either regular or mustard fried. It comes in 3 sizes, 2×2, 3×3 & 4×4. I know the description doesn’t sound like anything special but believe me it is! We went for the 3×3 mustard fried & split it between us.

I have to say the burger was fantastic! The meat was juicy, burger sauce was moreish & bun was just right, not too bready (nothing worse than a burger where you get more bread than meat). We honestly sat in silence devouring our burger, neither putting it down once. That’s a first for us!! The Cali burgers is only available until tomorrow so you have to be quick!


We also opted for the pepperoni burger which can be best described as a burger pizza. What more could you possibly want? It is bread meats bread red label burger made with spicy n’duja sausages accompanied with spicy sausage, pepperoni sauce & mozzarella on a garlice brioche. The burger was spicy but not overly that the flavours from the toppings was lost. The garlic brioche was a disappointment as you could barely taste the garlic. A bit more sauce wouldn’t have gone a miss but overall, another tasty burger.



For sides we had sweet potato fries & onion rings with a dip of scotchbonnaise. I love sweet potatoes anyways but the fries were so moreish. I could’ve eaten a full bowl! The onion rings tasted a bit like a fusion of batter & breadcrumbs, which worked well. Unfortunately, the scotchbonnaise was lacking in any real heat & was more like a slightly Cajun mayo.


Next week is a homage to the New Jersey slider & the following week is New York’s black label burger (Nigella Lawson’s favourite). The guys at bread meats bread have really upped their game since opening & it’s much improved since we last visited. Be prepared to wait though. We waited 15 mins but it was worth it!!

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