Gandolfi Fish

Last week we celebrated our first wedding anniversary & decided to go somewhere a bit higher end to celebrate. Picking a restaurant was hard, Glasgow just has so many options! We whittled it down to a couple of options, from which I picked Gandolfi Fish since I’d heard nothing but good reviews from people who had dined there. Even my wee gran who is the hardest woman to please with food said they did the best fish & chips so it must be good!


We booked a table for 7pm & I was quite surprised at how quite it was. It seemed like we were caught between pre-theatre/post shopping diners & dinner service. The menu is what you would expect of a fish restaurant, a decent variety of different fish with some regulars like calamari, fish & chips & prawn cocktail. They also have a specials menu which contains seasonal starters & mains along with matching wines. I got the impression that Gandolfi have a big emphasis on wine & aim to provide matching wines for each dish, along with an extensive wine list!

Lobster Pic

I opted for a special of thai spiced crab cakes in what was a hard decision between them & squid braised in red wine. When my starter arrived, after a couple of bites, I regretted my choice as the crab cakes were regular crab cakes with a bit of seasoning & spices, nothing really to shout home about. A’s starter, however, was fantastic. He’d opted for the salt & chilli squid, which was in a calamari style. The flavouring was subtle but still with the kick you’d expect from salt & chilli but the main talking point, for me, was the freshness of the squid. Instead of a rubbery, chewy texture you often get with calamari, this was soft & tender & almost melted in the mouth.

Salt & Chilli Calamari

Crab Cakes

I’d known what I was having for my main before the night – salmon wellington & it did not disappoint! The pastry was thin enough that it didn’t detract from the salmon, which was, well probably the best salmon I’ve ever tasted. It was cooked perfectly, flaking with any tough & was accompanied by a perfect hollandaise sauce. My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough sauce! The other main, peat smoked haddock, was also melt in the mouth, full of flavour, amazingness (I don’t know if that’s a word).  Honestly, I need to get my hands on some because it was so moreish!

Salmon Wellington

Peat Smoked Haddock

The side of chippy chips I’d ordered were a big let down. Given that there is a chippy adjoined to the restaurant, I’d expected them to be amazing. Instead, they were just greasy chips with no flavour to them whatsoever. Additionally, with the haddock, the menu stated crushed potatoes with spring onions but it was spring onion mash. It wouldn’t have been an issue for me but given A doesn’t like mash, it wasn’t what he’d wanted.


I think we will visit Gandolfi Fish again but go with my gut decision with menu choices to prevent from being disappointed again!

Fish Pic



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