Foodies Festival – Giveaway!

Every year the Foodies Festival takes place in Edinburgh & every year (well the past few at least), I always seem to be on holiday at the same time. However, this year, I was determined to go & then as luck would have it, I was asked to be part of their press team & do a review for them! To celebrate, I’m giving away 6 pairs (yes 6!) of day tickets for the festival that can be used on any day over the weekend. But before that, here’s some info about the festival.

Foodies Festival

The festival takes place in Inverleith Park, Edinburgh over the weekend of 8-10 August. There is loads to see & do over the weekend for all of the family including a Children’s Cookery Theatre, Chef’s Theatre where you can watch celebrity chefs doing their thing & a Drink’s Theatre.

There are a whole host of celebrity chefs attending the weekend including Mark Greenaway, Tony Singh, Jacqueline O’Donnell (Great British Menu 14), Adam Handling (Masterchef Professionals) & my favourites, Three Sisters Bake!

For 2014, Foodies are bringing a few new items to the festival:

Feasting Tent – the social hub of the festival where visitors can enjoy eating with chefs, friends & family at long banqueting tables

Vintage Tea Tent – the tent will hold daily tea dances alongside a Vintage Kitchen Market (which I am really excited about!)

Real Ale & Cider Farm – A chilled out area to have a drink & chat with Foodie’s beer & cider experts & beer lovers!

Chilli Food Market – As the name suggests, all things spicy here from chilli growser to sauces & jams. There will even be a Chilli Eating Challenge each day at 5pm for those brave enough!

How do I get my hands on some tickets I hear you ask?! Well it’s as simple as answering the below question & either post a comment or email (closing date Saturday 2 Aug)!

If you were a cocktail, what cocktail would you be & why?

Good Luck!

The Raven

The Raven opened its doors last week & we were lucky enough to go along for a preview before it opened. The Raven is the newest offering from Maclay Inn (of Dram!, Munros & The Hope fame), in the site of the infamous Bay Horse pub site on renfield street.


The bar itself is quite airy, with a large bar to the left when you walk in. They have an extensive range of craft beers which is obvious from the moment you enter. There is an open kitchen to the back right & upstairs is another large area. One thing I did like about the bar was that they had stripped back one of the walls so it is plain brick as it was meant to be.


When asked to go along, the blurb emphasised their focus on smoked, slow cooked food. To be honest, I feel this is totally overdone & Glasgow needs a new direction for food. However, I’m pleased to say that The Raven showed me that some places can still do American style food well. Before I go on, we did get craft beer tasters to accompany each dish but as I’m not a beer drinker, I’ve left this out as I couldn’t comment on the matching.


First up was some nachos, plain & beef chilli. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like them. The nachos were quite large & a weird consistency. There was also a lack of cheese & only a handful of jalapenos – not one I would order again. Next up was the smoked platter which consists of half a slow cooked chicken, pulled pork & a rack of ribs accompanied by corn on the cob & red cabbage slaw. The platter is huge & can easily feed 2-3 people. At £17 as well, it’s a bargain! The chicken was really tender & fell off the bone, as did the ribs. My favourite was pulled pork which I’ve admitted before isn’t my favourite. This pork was juicy & had a Smokey, bbq flavour that was quite moreish. To accompany the platter, every table has a range of sauces from hot sauce to bbq to honey & mustard. Hot sauce on the table is also a thumbs up from me!



We then tasted some of the sliders. I had half of a cheeseburger which was a decent burger but not one to write home about. What did get my eye was the Mac n cheese slider. Yes, macaroni in a burger! It was a deep fried macaroni patty in a bun with the usual suspects. It was quite messy, falling apart as soon as I bit into it but the Mac n cheese was tasty but not too creamy. Definitely a heart attack in a slider!



We also tried the fries & sweet potato fries, with the sweet potato ones winning my vote as they were crispy yet fluffy & very moreish. Wings were also on offer in bbq, super hot & plain (who orders plain wings?!). We were far too stuffed from the food we’d already tried so I only tried a super hot wing which aren’t on the menu & were just a test for the previews. I’d have to say I’m glad they aren’t because they need some working on the taste. Normally you’d associate hot wings with a buffalo toe sauce but these were more of a Moroccan harrissa type taste which was a bit strange.



I can definitely see me popping back into The Raven since the smoked platter was so reasonable for how much food you get. And a glass of bubbles for under £4 is always tempting!

Ping Pow!

We were invited along to the Tsing Tao preview of Ping Pow! The event involved ping pong & beer. Not a bad combo I head you say. Well add in a mechanical dragon that can fire up to 90 balls a minute & now you have a new twist!

The Dragon!

Al took on the dragion which was quite tame last night. It still fired out balls at a rate faster than he could handle. Needless to say there were ping pong balls everywhere!

Ping Pow

The main event takes places tomorrow in Merchant Square from 6pm til late. There will be 8 tables in the square for you to challenge your friends & a Tsing Tao pop-up bar. Dare you take on the Dragon?!