Burgers, burgers, burgers – that’s all that seems to be happening with the Glasgow food scene at the moment. I have to admit, when I heard yet another burger joint was opening, my heart sank a bit. But as with any new establishment, I was intrigued to see what they can offer that’s different to others & was happy to be invited along to a blogger event they were holding.

BRGR should not be mixed up with the London chain, BRGR co. The name BRGR actually stands for Black Rabbit Great (Western) Road, keeping the spirit of the prior Black Rabbit premises alive through the name. BRGR is the brainchild of Chris who decided to replace Black Rabbit into a burger place following a flood which ruined much of the interior of Black Rabbit in June.

Although not a large venue, BRGR already has it’s own character that it evident when you walk in. This is in part thanks to the reclaimed furniture & decorations used to kit out the venue. The lights are reclaimed & refurbished, the chairs are old school chairs & my favourite part is the crates used to border the stairs. Not only are these old crates, but they are actually antiques which were handpicked by Chris himself & then broken up to create this amazing structure.


Now down to the food. I’ve actually been talking with a few people about this since I visited BRGR. When you go to a burger place, you often find it’s either the burger itself or the overall package that seals the deal for you. For me, BRGR won me over with the overall package. The menu is relatively small, with 8 burgers ( 3 beef, 2 chicken, 1 lamb & 1 veggie), a kid’s menu & a host of sides. Some thought has went into the burger names to give them a quirky, tongue in cheek name such as “A Special O’Cajun”, “The Shroom with a Pew” & my favourite, “The Barbie…Ken?”.


I opted for “The Hot Coo”, which as the name suggests was their spicier offering with a spicy beef patty, salami, cheese, chipolte mayo, roast jalapenos & salad. The patty itself was slightly salty, which I quite liked & was clearly made from steak mince as it was a bit meatier than other burgers I had. The salami again was slightly salty but has such a nice, almost smokey flavour to it that it nicely accompanied the chipolte mayo. My favourite part of it was the use of fresh jalapenos. Most restaurants think nothing of opening a jar & flinging on a few pickled jalapenos & charging £1+ for it but BRGR have went the extra mile, using fresh ingredients.


Now the sides, where do I start? There are loads to choose from- fries to wings to slaw & salad – & we were lucky to try all of them. The stand-out sides for me were:

  • Sweet Potato Fries – crispy yet fluffy & pre seasoned. Possibly the best I’ve ever tasted
  • Onion Rings – the batter was like, almost tempura like & it didn’t fall apart as soon as you bit into it
  • Corn on the Cob with Jalapeno Butter – you may automatically think it would be spicy because of the jalapeno butter but it actually provided a nice, sweet & smokey flavour that worked so well with the natural sweetness of the corn
  • Coleslaw – another place that has put a lot of thought & refinement into their coleslaw recipe. It is creamy with a hint of garlic which makes it stand out from the rest


As you can tell I was really impressed with BRGR & the amount of thought that has went into each element of every dish they have. But it doesn’t end there! No, they also have created a “Hawder”, which if you’re Scottish, is as it sounds, it’s a holder for your burger to stop it falling out & your hands getting so messy. A total ingenious invention & worked a treat!! Their milkshakes also deserve a mention – 4 scoops of Crolla ice cream with some milk, with flavours from traditional vanilla & chocolate to modern classics such as kinder & cookies & cream (Oreo) available, not to mention some boozy options with spirits such as Kahlua & Kraken Rum.


Given its location, I think BRGR has a promising future as there are no dedicated burger outlets in that area of the West End, given Ketchup is a good 15-20 mins walk away. Coupled with the fact that they do take away, it is sure to be a hit with local businesses for lunch time munchies! I’m already planning my next trip as I have to try the cajun chicken burger (I have a slight obsession)!

Bread Meats Bread – Revisit

In autumn last year, we visited Bread Meats Bread at one of their pre-launch evenings & came away with a so-so view. Since then, I’d heard good reviews from friends and more recently, my sister who visited recently for dinner.

From their Facebook posts, I’d seen a mention of their new specials, American style burgers celebrating burgers in 3 American regions for the next 3 weeks. This week is California & they are offering an In n Out burger style effort (somewhere I am dying to go) & it sounded pretty good. Last night, James vs Burger put up a post declaring it as the best burger he’s ever eaten in Glasgow so I knew it was worth checking out.


We popped along this afternoon (literally left there 20 mins ago) & decided to try the burger. It’s a 3oz patty with cheese, salad & burger sauce & you can get it either regular or mustard fried. It comes in 3 sizes, 2×2, 3×3 & 4×4. I know the description doesn’t sound like anything special but believe me it is! We went for the 3×3 mustard fried & split it between us.

I have to say the burger was fantastic! The meat was juicy, burger sauce was moreish & bun was just right, not too bready (nothing worse than a burger where you get more bread than meat). We honestly sat in silence devouring our burger, neither putting it down once. That’s a first for us!! The Cali burgers is only available until tomorrow so you have to be quick!


We also opted for the pepperoni burger which can be best described as a burger pizza. What more could you possibly want? It is bread meats bread red label burger made with spicy n’duja sausages accompanied with spicy sausage, pepperoni sauce & mozzarella on a garlice brioche. The burger was spicy but not overly that the flavours from the toppings was lost. The garlic brioche was a disappointment as you could barely taste the garlic. A bit more sauce wouldn’t have gone a miss but overall, another tasty burger.



For sides we had sweet potato fries & onion rings with a dip of scotchbonnaise. I love sweet potatoes anyways but the fries were so moreish. I could’ve eaten a full bowl! The onion rings tasted a bit like a fusion of batter & breadcrumbs, which worked well. Unfortunately, the scotchbonnaise was lacking in any real heat & was more like a slightly Cajun mayo.


Next week is a homage to the New Jersey slider & the following week is New York’s black label burger (Nigella Lawson’s favourite). The guys at bread meats bread have really upped their game since opening & it’s much improved since we last visited. Be prepared to wait though. We waited 15 mins but it was worth it!!