Foodies Festival – Giveaway!

Every year the Foodies Festival takes place in Edinburgh & every year (well the past few at least), I always seem to be on holiday at the same time. However, this year, I was determined to go & then as luck would have it, I was asked to be part of their press team & do a review for them! To celebrate, I’m giving away 6 pairs (yes 6!) of day tickets for the festival that can be used on any day over the weekend. But before that, here’s some info about the festival.

Foodies Festival

The festival takes place in Inverleith Park, Edinburgh over the weekend of 8-10 August. There is loads to see & do over the weekend for all of the family including a Children’s Cookery Theatre, Chef’s Theatre where you can watch celebrity chefs doing their thing & a Drink’s Theatre.

There are a whole host of celebrity chefs attending the weekend including Mark Greenaway, Tony Singh, Jacqueline O’Donnell (Great British Menu 14), Adam Handling (Masterchef Professionals) & my favourites, Three Sisters Bake!

For 2014, Foodies are bringing a few new items to the festival:

Feasting Tent – the social hub of the festival where visitors can enjoy eating with chefs, friends & family at long banqueting tables

Vintage Tea Tent – the tent will hold daily tea dances alongside a Vintage Kitchen Market (which I am really excited about!)

Real Ale & Cider Farm – A chilled out area to have a drink & chat with Foodie’s beer & cider experts & beer lovers!

Chilli Food Market – As the name suggests, all things spicy here from chilli growser to sauces & jams. There will even be a Chilli Eating Challenge each day at 5pm for those brave enough!

How do I get my hands on some tickets I hear you ask?! Well it’s as simple as answering the below question & either post a comment or email (closing date Saturday 2 Aug)!

If you were a cocktail, what cocktail would you be & why?

Good Luck!

A Foodie Heaven!

We’re back! After a long absence (almost 7 months!!), Get Stuffed is back! Apologies for the hiatus but our wedding took precedence & with the strict diet I was on, it would’ve been posts rambling about how much I was missing pasta, cakes, bread, alcohol etc!

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A fitting first post back is about my visit to the BBC Good Food Show at the SECC yesterday. Oh my, what a foodie heaven that place was! Both my sister & I are big fans of cooking shows & always wanted to go along to the show. This year, we finally were able to have the time (and pennies) to go along.

Before going to the show, we’d decided to go along to see James Martin in the Super Theatre but when we arrived that show was sold out 😦 Instead we opted to go & see Tom Kitchin of The Kitchin in Edinburgh. Quite fitting actually, going to see a local chef at a local show.

We had a good couple of hours to kill before the show, which I thought would be more than enough time to see all the stalls – it was only enough time to get around most of the show!! There honestly was something for everyone – from cheese to cookies to gin (a lot of gin merchants!) to kitchen gadgets. Everywhere you turned, there were queues for various stalls & lots of tasters & freebies being handed out. What more could you ask for?!

We made our way around the stalls in our agreed on path – there wasn’t much logic to it! I could go on about each stall we visited but there were too many to mention! A few that stood out for me were:

St Andrews Brewing Co – A one man brewery based in St Andrews

St Andrew's Brewing Co.  St Andrew's Brewing Co.

Dough It Yourself – They have the St idea of selling cookie mixes in jars that just need an egg & butter added. Wish I’d thought of it first!

Hebridean Sea Salt – Regular, Peat Smoked & Seaweed rock salt from the Isle of Lewis. They had run out of peat smoked by the time I got round to them but you need to try it to understand how amazing it is!

Secret Sausages – They look like sausages but are in fact veggies stuffed in veggie casing. Genious!

A shout out does have to go the The Barnados Big Bake Off for the coolest cake of the day:


Finally 3pm came around, much quicker than I thought it would, so we went off to the Super Theatre to see Tom Kitchin in action. He made 2 dishes – pumpkin soup served in little pumpkins & (I can’t remember the name) mackerel & orange dish. Both looked pretty tasty & I have to admit I will be attempting a pumpkin soup in the next week.

Of course I couldn’t attend the show without picking up a few goodies:

– Black Bean Sauce, Szechuan Chilli Oil & Hot Salt & Pepper spice from Kwan’s Kitchen (had the black bean tonight & it’s soooo tasty!)

– Cairn O’Mhor Cider (Ok I’ll admit they’re a regular at my local farmers market but the cider is pretty good)

– Cute Cupcake cases from Simply Vintage Designs

– Le Mesurier Hollandaise Sauce

– Funkin Cocktail Mixer (normally I would steer clear of pre-made mixers but these were really fresh)

– And of course how could I resist some Border’s Dark Ginger Biscuits!

Lazy Sunday at Curlers

I’ve been having a craving for a good Sunday Roast for a while but haven’t been lucky enough to get my hands on one. So on Sunday when asked “Where do you want to eat?”, all I knew is that somewhere with a Sunday Roast is where I wanted to go. Remembering someone I know mentioning the roast they had in The Curlers Rest a couple of weeks back, we decided to go there.

Writing this, I’ve realised that was the first time I’d eaten in Curlers after they bought the pub from the Scream chain. I had eaten in the previous incarnation but the food in Scream pubs is enough to put anyone off pub food for life so maybe that’s part of the reason!

After deliberating which type of roast to get, I decided on the 21 day aged beef with all the trimmings. Al (my other half) decided on the homemade cheeseburger with BBQ pulled pork, which I’d read good reviews about. We sat waiting for our meal with an Aspall each – very few places in Glasgow serve Aspall on tap so anywhere that has this gets a big tick from me!

Our dinner arrived & all I can say is there was a lot of food on my plate! The beef was accompanied with mixed veg (but no sauteed cabbage as was advertised on the chalkboard 😦 & someunknown white veg), a big yorkshire pudding, an army of roast potatoes & red wine gravy (which I had on the side). This was right up my street! I have to say I did enjoy the meal & surprisingly the gravy. I’m not a bit gravy fan, hence why I had it on the side but it was really tasty, the red wine giving it a less overbearing meaty taste I’ve found with other gravies. The only part of it I can really fault it the yorkshire pudding which was a bit too crispy for my liking, but that could just be me!

The cheeseburger with the pulled pork was also a hit. Al struggled to pick it up as the pork was falling out from all angles. I took a sneaky bit & it was really nice. The pork was melt in the mouth, with a nice subtle BBQ flavour whilst the burger rounded it off. By the time the burger was finished, there was enough pork on the plate to fill another burger! The exact description of the fries was “you could get these in McDonalds” & I have to agree. They were of the same consistency of McDonald’s but without being drowned in salt. 

All in all, Curlers was a hit all round & we will definitely be back. I want a burger with pulled pork for myself!