Jam Jar Kitchens

I know that when I think of somewhere outside of Glasgow to get a good quality bite to eat, Cardross would not be the first place that pops into my head. For those not familiar with Cardross, it’s a village just outside of Helensburgh & home to Jam Jar Kitchens. As with a lot of eateries, I came across Jam Jar Kitchens via Twitter & kept an eye on their wares through both Twitter & Facebook. It is the brain child of Masterchef the Professionals contestant, David Hetherington, formerly of Riverhill Deli (the original & sister of the Glasgow one).

Jam Jar Kitchens

We decided to pop along for lunch last Saturday on our way back from visiting family in Helensburgh as the restaurant is only open until 5pm. At the start of every month, Jam Jar Kitchens runs an evening menu the first Friday & Saturday for a set price & BYOB, showcasing . Their facebook page is a constant tease, showcasing their unique cakes (Oreo Muffins!!), weekly specials & monthly evening menus so I was desperate to pay a visit! The restaurant itself is quite cosy, as you would expect in a village like Cardross. The restaurant is decorated with lots of quirky & unique touches like a herb box filled with fresh herbs at the back window, Scottish themed cushions on the seats & a selection of different handwashes in the toilet.


Herb Boz

The menu is a reasonable size for a restaurant of this size, offering breakfast options, a range of sandwiches & some hot dishes as well as homemade cakes. That week I had been eyeing up their special – philly cheesesteak & pizza fries so opted for that. It arrived & the portion was pretty big for one person! The philly cheesesteak was phenomenal. Honestly, I was struggling to think of words to describe it afterwards. It was filled with strips of fresh steak, grated cheese & a tomato-chilli jam which gave it a nice zing. I was initially disappointed with the pizza fries as they didn’t have a lot of #”pizza” topping. However, as soon as I started munching, it was evident there was topping spread throughout the portion of fries but just enough so the chips were not soggy. I have an issue with saturation with things like chips so they were ideal for me. Again, there was a slight chilli flavour to the tomato sauce, I suspected the same as on the cheesesteak, which added a nice flavour element to the fries.

Philly Cheesesteak

Pizza Fries

A opted for a crayfish marie rose sandwich which arrived in a giant foccacia casing. I had a bite of it & the sauce was really tasty, again with a slight chilli hint adding a twist to it. It was filled to the brim & after finishing the sandwich, A had loads of surplus crayfish remaining! The one part of the meal that I have to take my hat off to Jam Jar Kitchens for is their coleslaw. I don’t know about anyone else but my most favourite coleslaw in the world is Marks & Spencers coleslaw & Jam Jar Kitchens offering, in my opinion, rivals it! I never thought it would be possible to find anywhere that did a better coleslaw than M&S!!

Crayfish Sandwich


Although Cardross is a bit outside of Glasgow & the outskirts, it is relatively easy to get to by train on the Helensburgh line, with the restaurant a short walk from the train station. If you’re looking for a filling lunch or a different dinner experience away from the big city, I would hands down recommend Jam Jar Kitchens.

Serving Board

Bread Meats Bread – Revisit

In autumn last year, we visited Bread Meats Bread at one of their pre-launch evenings & came away with a so-so view. Since then, I’d heard good reviews from friends and more recently, my sister who visited recently for dinner.

From their Facebook posts, I’d seen a mention of their new specials, American style burgers celebrating burgers in 3 American regions for the next 3 weeks. This week is California & they are offering an In n Out burger style effort (somewhere I am dying to go) & it sounded pretty good. Last night, James vs Burger put up a post declaring it as the best burger he’s ever eaten in Glasgow so I knew it was worth checking out.


We popped along this afternoon (literally left there 20 mins ago) & decided to try the burger. It’s a 3oz patty with cheese, salad & burger sauce & you can get it either regular or mustard fried. It comes in 3 sizes, 2×2, 3×3 & 4×4. I know the description doesn’t sound like anything special but believe me it is! We went for the 3×3 mustard fried & split it between us.

I have to say the burger was fantastic! The meat was juicy, burger sauce was moreish & bun was just right, not too bready (nothing worse than a burger where you get more bread than meat). We honestly sat in silence devouring our burger, neither putting it down once. That’s a first for us!! The Cali burgers is only available until tomorrow so you have to be quick!


We also opted for the pepperoni burger which can be best described as a burger pizza. What more could you possibly want? It is bread meats bread red label burger made with spicy n’duja sausages accompanied with spicy sausage, pepperoni sauce & mozzarella on a garlice brioche. The burger was spicy but not overly that the flavours from the toppings was lost. The garlic brioche was a disappointment as you could barely taste the garlic. A bit more sauce wouldn’t have gone a miss but overall, another tasty burger.



For sides we had sweet potato fries & onion rings with a dip of scotchbonnaise. I love sweet potatoes anyways but the fries were so moreish. I could’ve eaten a full bowl! The onion rings tasted a bit like a fusion of batter & breadcrumbs, which worked well. Unfortunately, the scotchbonnaise was lacking in any real heat & was more like a slightly Cajun mayo.


Next week is a homage to the New Jersey slider & the following week is New York’s black label burger (Nigella Lawson’s favourite). The guys at bread meats bread have really upped their game since opening & it’s much improved since we last visited. Be prepared to wait though. We waited 15 mins but it was worth it!!