Get Stuffed Chronicles – The Food of Love

Or should that be the love of food? It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the foodie front (I know I’ve skipped a week) that involved some good meals & more foodie fails!

Valentine’s day was definitely a day of foodie love that started out in BRGR in Glasgow’s West End thanks to some amazing Tarantino themed specials they had posted on Facebook that seemed too good to pass up. Ok, and there may have been a bit of overindulgence the night before that needed mopping up! We opted for one each of the special – A Royale with cheese (as it sounds) & The Big Kahuna burger. Both burgers were amazing as were the sweet potato fries & ‘slaw we munched with it.


That night we went to Porter & Rye for the first time since it opened. I won’t mention too much about it but it’s a MUST visit for steak lovers. You can read my review here.

Living in the West End of Glasgow has its obvious perks & one of them is the farmer’s market in Mansfield Park every couple of weeks. There’s a good range of produce from fresh bread, meat & fish to Spanish & Indian dishes. We visited the market & picked up, what I would class as the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, Hairy Beast burgers from Cedar Country Foods. The burgers are made from Highland Cattle & are the leanest burgers I have ever eaten. I swear, they are so moreish, you’ll be looking for more once you’ve finished one! We also picked up some fresh Tarka Dhal which has quite the kick to it from Jaldikatessan (sp?) & a monster scotch egg from Aye Love Real Food.Market Wares

There was obvious foodie excitement last Tuesday with Shrove Tuesday making its annual appearance. It’s strange how most people only eat and make pancakes once a year even though they are so delicious! As I’m watching what I eat, I opted to try out some pumpkin pancakes using Libby’s Pumpkin Puree. What a mistake that turned out to be! Instead of the wonderful, fluffy pancakes the recipe promised, I ended up with squishy, soggy pancakes. Such a disappointment! However, it has made me determined to try & find a decent, healthy eating friendly pancake recipe soon so I can enjoy a better batch.


At the weekend gone, I decided I would try to make kedgeree for breakfast whilst also whipping up a batc h of creme egg brownies (they are as amazing as they sound) & a loaf to take to lunch at our friends. Well, let’s just say sometimes you can take on too much & I very much so underestimated how much time I had! The kedgeree, made with oak smoked haddock from our fishbox,  was the only item I didn’t have an issue with! The brownies, which I made several times last year, were missing a vital ingredient – caster sugar! I completely forgot to put it in but thanks to the amount of sugar in the chocolate & the topping used, they still went down well with my taste testers. And looked quite good, even if I do say so myself! The bread did look like a nice loaf & was edible but because I didn’t have enough time to prove it & had to transport it whilst warm, it was quite doughy inside. Let’s just say I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to baking & I’m not happy unless it’s 100% right!

Weekend Cooking

Review: Rice n Spicy

I came across Rice n Spicy through the wonderful world of Twitter. They are a small company, focussing on the creation of authentic Punjab meals. All meals are made from scratch & contain no artifical ingredients or preservatives.

Partial to a good curry, I decided to venture across the city to the Clarkston Farmers Market where they have a stall on the fourth Saturday of every month. Having spoken over Twitter, I introduced myself & asked which curries they recommend.

I was advised that the slow cooked lamb curry was one of the best they have but as I’m not much of a lamb fan, I decided to pass on it. I did, however, decide to branch out & try two curries I’ve never had before – Punjab Kofta & Tarka Daal along with much anticipated Stornoway Black Pudding pakora & their namesake Spicy Rice.

Rice n Spicy Curries

The much anticipated Black Pudding Pakora!

On opening the packets, I noticed that the curry was a lot more fragrant & didn’t have that standard curry smell you normally find from your local takeaway. We tried the black pudding pakora first & it was divine! The black pudding was soft yet somehow still in a perfectly shaped ball & went well with the additional spices in the pakora batter. Al questioned how they managed to get the black pudding to stay in shape considering how delicate it is (Rash – one you could answer??). It came with a pakora sauce & raita. I have to say, the raita was the better of the two, very light & the taste was perfect. The pakora sauce on the other hand was very light & different from the usual pakora sauce. It was lacking a bit of a kick that you would normally expect.

Black Pudding Pakora!

The punjab kofta which is a tomato based curry with small beef meatballs was very tasty. I am not a fan of meatballs so I wasn’t sure if I would like this curry but the texture was more like lamb koftas you get at barbecues – soft & fall apart quite easily. The sauce wasn’t much to my liking as I could really taste the tomatoes (I can’t stand tomatoes!) but Al who isn’t a fan of tomatoes either couldn’t taste it & he loved it. The tarka daal was different from what I had expected. As it’s made mainly of lentils, I had expected a thick, stodgy curry. Instead this tarka daal was light & spicy yet filling. A total treat! The spicy rice was different from your bog standard pilau rice as it was mixed with peas & chickpeas & you could taste some other spices it had been mixed with. It didn’t have the big kick I was expecting giving the name but it went well with the curries.

I would definitely recommend that you check out Rice n Spicy & their range of products. They do packs for home delivery & are present at several markets during the month. If you’re a curry lover, you won’t be let down & as you can see, they are a sell out!
A successful day's selling