Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

For regular readers, you may have read my post about Caledonian Hampers & their foodie gifts. Sometimes, however, the personal touch is best, especially when it comes to Christmas.

I’ve compiled a list of food gift ideas that you can make to give to your loved ones this Christmas. Given that there’s just under 4 weeks, all of these can be prepared in advance, whether it be weeks or a couple of days which gives plenty of time to be organised!

For jars to store things like jams & chutneys, I would highly recommend Ikea (if you can get to one) as they have jars from 80p that are ideal sizes for giving presents. Other places you can buy containers from are Hobby Craft, Lakeland, Argos, eBay & Amazon. To decorate your gifts, items such as festive ribbon & labels can add a personal touch. I got some beautiful ribbon from Hobby Craft which was £2 for 3 metres. BBC Food & Delicious Magazine both have amazing print off labels that you can use on jars or bags. BBC Good Food also have a handy guide on how to make a Christmas Hamper.

I’ve included what I think is a varied list, without going overboard (cutting it down was very hard). However, if you know of others, please let me know & I will update the list.