Eats From the Street – Glasgow Fort

Last month saw the first of four Eats From the Street events at Glasgow Fort. Eats From the Street is a showcase of local & national street food vendors, providing good eats for reasonable prices.

The venture is the brain child of Richard Johnson who set up British Street Food & the namesake   awards in 2009 to get street food seen & heard. The concept of Eats From the Street was developed a few years ago & has this year, finally been put into practice. As well as the street food vendors, the ensemble also has a massive double decker London bus which has been converted into a dining area. So even if it’s raining, you can still enjoy street food in the comfort of the bus without getting soaked!

We popped along to check out the vendors & see what was a on offer. We had a dish from Mighty Mexican who have recently started out on the street food scene in Scotland. Providing fresh, authentic style Mexican food, Mighty Mexican also provide the biggest burrito I’ve ever seen! We had a chicken burrito with their Mucho Macho sauce, which is the hottest they offer (that should come as no surprise). The burrito was tasty, full of smoky & chilli flavours. We initially didn’t think much of the Mucho Macho sauce but it had been dulled down by the sour cream & guacamole but thankfully a lot had gathered at the bottom so the burrito ended in a nice spicy burst.

Mighty Mexican

We also sampled the wares of Nusou, a street food revelation, focussing on healthy street food. They also recently won Best Newcomber in this year’s British Street Food Awards. Nusou offers cooked to order Noodle Soups which are cooked & ready to eat in a few minutes. We had a chicken noodle soup with all of the trimmings & some extra chillies & peanuts added on top. I have to say, the soup was better than some of the dishes we had when we were in Thailand this year.


Eats From the Street are back at the Glasgow Fort this weekend, 1-2 November & another 2 times before the end of the year. I’d definitely recommend popping along  & trying out some of the nation’s best street food on offer. Other outlets taking part include Glasgow’s very own Babu Kitchen & Breaking Bread.

Date Featuring:
Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 November Zoete Koek
Mighty Mexican
Bowl Food
Breaking Bread
Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 November Zoete Koek
Mighty Mexican
Breaking Bread
Fuel Coffee
Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 December Papaganoush
Mighty Mexican
Breaking Bread
Fuel Coffee

BBC Good Food Show Scotland

Last week I attended the BBC Good Food Show as part of their official blogger team for the show. I had visited the show last year & enjoyed the atmosphere, producers & demos so I was hoping that this year would live up to expectations!

After watching Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry cut the ribbon to declare the show open, I had enough time for a quick wander before the first demo started at 11. One thing I did notice about this year was the amount of space! Last year’s show was rammed full of producers & it took a while to get from stall to stall due to the amount of people. This year, there were noticeably less stalls, which meant more room to move about but unfortunately meant there were less producers on hand.

paul mary

Being a big Great British Bake Off fan, I was looking forward to see Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry do their thing at the Chef’s Theatre. We were treated to a demo of a couple of dishes: Mary’s chicken & mushroom bake & a joint effort of Lemon Posset & Pistachio Shortbreads. All dishes looked good enough to eat & as luck would have it, all recipes were in the show guide so I’ll be able to reproduce the shortbreads for some christmas gifts this year!

The rest of the day was spent talking to different producers, watching interviews & of course, sampling & buying lots of goodies! Despite there being less producers than the previous year, it did take us a good 4-5 hours to get round all of the stalls. This may have had something to do with stopping to chat with most producers! The stand out producers for me this year were:


Isle of Skye Sea Salt – They are one of the few salt producers who use the traditional method of evaporation. They have recently been awarded a great taste award.

Billington’s Deli – Winner of the BBC Good Food Show Scotland Deli for the second year, Billington’s have an amazing array of products available in their deli. They have a focus on artisan producers & won a big tick from me for stocking Rock Rose Gin that I have been dying to try for ages!

Scotia Spice – Winner of a bursary award for this year’s show, Scotia Spice provide recipe kits to create authentic Punjabi dishes. I will be doing a feature on this soon.

Plan Bee – Another bursary award winner, Plan Bee are actually a bee hive management company. They have hives across Scotland, including at the Two Fat Ladies restaurant & Glasgow city chambers. Their honey is the best I’ve ever tasted! Oh & they gave me a snazzy badge!


It wouldn’t be the Good Food Show without spending a small fortune on goodies. This year I had a budget & I was so surprised at how much stuff I was able to purchase & stay within budget:

– Ochil Fudge Pantry – I picked up a few bars of fudge, including their bakewell bar which is full of almondy goodness & whole cherries

– Heck Sausages – I had some last year & bought 4 packs of their sausages. The quality is amazing & there is little fat to them.

– Martin Miller’s Gin – I couldn’t go without picking up a bottle of this, one of my favourites!

– Plan Bee Honey

– Ramsay’s of Carluke Black Pudding – we’ve eaten a lot of this since we bought it, amazing quality!

– Piper’s Chicken Pakora – probably the biggest pieces of pakora I’ve ever eaten!

– Simply Add Chilli – as we’re both big chilli fans, we couldn’t resist picking up a jar of the extreme chilli seasoning

– Collective yoghurts – I had found their spiced pumpkin yoghurt in the supermarket recently. At the show, I picked up a few tubs, including their coconut & lime version which is very moreish!

– Edinburgh Gin – no I didn’t get more gin, honest! Instead, I picked up a lovely Harris Tweed hipflask & whisky set for my Dad’s Christmas

– Borders Biscuits – I got to the stall far too late as they had been ransacked & only had dark gingers left. It would’ve been rude not to pick up a pack!

As you can see, a lot of produce & we’re still working our way through this! Not to mention, the amazing goodie bag I received for being part of the blogger team which contained cute Warner Edward’s miniatures, a lot of cakes from Mrs Crimbles & vinegar & maramlades from The Little Herb Farm.

And I shouldn’t forget to mention that I also had a quick meet & greet with Mr Bake Off himself:

Scotch Lamb

Lamb has never been a meat I’ve ever been particularly fond of. When growing up, our roast dinners would generally be beef or chicken as they went down well with everyone. Anytime I’ve tried lamb I’ve found it to be tough & chewy, often full of fat as well. We won’t discuss the odd kebab here & there… When Scotch Lamb asked if I wanted to attend an exclusive event showcasing Scotch Lamb, I figured I had nothing to lose & may as well see if they could convert me into a lamb lover!


The event was held in SWG3, which if you’ve ever been to a Scoop pop-up event, you’ll know it’s basically an open warehouse space that can be used in any manner. As the event was aimed at getting people more familiar with lamb & its uses, there were demos from Chef  Jacqueline O’Donnell (of The Sisters & The Great British Menu fame), butchery lessons & different dishes on offer from the Scoop Cartel.


The one good point about the cartel being involved was the variety of dishes on offer:

  • Lamb tacos from Antojito Cantina
  • Roast lamb on fresh baked (in an amazing stone pizza oven) from So La Ti Dough
  • Lamb Massaman Curry from Pad BKK
  • Braised neck fillet of lamb with jewelled cous cous from Scoop

The shared the first 3 dishes between us since the portions were giant! I first tried the curry & was genuinely surprised at how soft the meat was, it was literally melt in the mouth. The tacos also had a similar style of meat with them but it was a bit lost in the masses of guacamole, salsa & sour cream provided. The roast lamb was probably my least favourite as it was quite fatty – pretty much what I was dreading! However, the bits of lamb I managed to tear off were sweet & succulent.

Lamb Massaman Curry

Lamb Taco

We also watched a couple of demos by Chef Jacqueline since I would not know where to start with cooking lamb. The first demo involved a fillet of lamb with a fruity, morrocan style cous cous. I was honestly surprised at the speed of cooking, since it took around 10 minutes to make the dish! I sample a bit after & the lamb was as soft as a good beef steak. The fruitiness of the cous cous also worked really well with the lamb’s sweetness. I wish I could send a smellogram for the second dish which was Asian influenced & the smell coming from it instantly transported me back to Thailand.

I spoke briefly to Jacqueline after the first demo to ask for some advice on buying lamb & cooking it. The two tips she gave me was to always buy lamb from the butcher, especially if I don’t like fat as the butcher can trim the meat easily & to invest in a good, solid pan, with a wide & flat base as those pans evenly distribute to heat to cook meat evenly.


In the goodie bag we were given contained an amazing Red Meat cookbook, giving advice on cuts, cooking styles & lots of recipes! Definitely something I’ll be using again. You can get some of the recipes from the Scotch Beef and Lamb website.



I’m so glad I went along to the event as it’s totally changed my opinion on lamb. Seeing how versatile it is & also how easy to cook, it will definitely be something I will try in the near future. The week after it, in fact, I happily sat down to some Isle of Lewis lamb made by my mother in law which I would never have done before this event!

Thank you lamb!