Get Stuffed Chronicles – Celebrations & Bad Bread

I initially started this series with the aim of it being a weekly feature on my blog. However, I’ll admit I’ve been struggling to find the time to ensure I get a decent post written each week! Honestly, I have around 6 blog posts I need to write & have been meaning to for almost 2 weeks now. Such a bad blogger but I’ll fully lay blame on my new role in work which is causing me to work longer hours! From now on, this will be a fortnightly round up rather than a blow by blow account of all the foodie things I’ve done & eaten! I’m also open to ideas on content that people would like to see. For example, if I remember, I’ll be including details of any new openings I’ve heard about.

Anyway back to business! It’s been a pretty busy past couple of weeks, both in & out of the kitchen. At the end of Feb, it was my husband’s birthday so we had a few days of celebrations as we both took some time off work. We headed up to Pitlochry, just north of Perth, to the luxurious Fonab Castle for an overnight stay. I won’t give away all the details about the castle as I’ve still got a review to write but let’s just say it was fabulous! The rooms were spacious & well furnished & the new spa building was lovely.

Being one of the highest rated hotels in the country, you would expect a great dining experience & we were not disappointed. I took the plunge & had venison for my main course which was a risk for me as I’d had it previously on a Hogmanay break a few years ago & did not like it at all. This time around, I savoured every bit of meat on the plate as it was delicious! I’m actually gutted as I feel like I’ve been missing out all this time! We even had a rare dessert with dinner as the choices were so good! And then there was breakfast the next day, with steak on the menu, I felt I couldn’t turn it down! Anyway, as I mentioned, not too many details here as I have a post coming (hopefully) this week.


The following evening we visited Opium in Glasgow for dinner. It’s a restaurant that’s been on my “must try” list for quite a while now, mainly due to their extensive list of dim sum on offer! We had a wonderful meal there & left with very full bellies! Another review that will be coming very soon.


If you follow my blog, you will have seen that I received a foodie parcel from Spice Review with lots of wonderful spice mixes. From the mixes, I put together 2 really tasty dishes for dinner last week – Jamaican Jerk Chicken & Bombay Potatoes. Click on either link to receive the recipe for the dishes.

Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Rice

As the title suggests, I’ve been having some issues baking bread recently. Although I’m following recipes to the t, I’m finding that my loaves are coming out slightly underdone & smaller in size.  You might not see it but the loaf in the picture is actually still doughy in the middle.    I’m not 100% what’s happening but it is very frustrating. I’m laying full blame on the yeast as it’s a store brand type I’m using rather than Allinson’s yeast which I normally use. Ok, there’s clearly something else I’m not doing right, in terms of kneading enough or the oven not being pre-heated enough but for next time, I aim to have baked at least 2 decent loaves!


Baking has taken a bit of a back seat the past few weeks, in part due to me trying to lose weight (more on that another day). No point in baking treats if I can’t sample the goods! I do miss experimenting & have a cupboard full of baking goodies so it’s something I need to pick up again soon since I’m scared I’ll forget how to bake! I did make the gooeyist (is that even a word?!) salted caramel shortbread at my husband’s request for his birthday but didn’t take a picture as I wasn’t happy with how runny the caramel was.

I noticed last week that we hadn’t had a takeaway for dinner all February & figured that we should keep the moment going. That obviously doesn’t stop the odd notion for a takeaway so I took matters into my own hands on Saturday & created a fakeaway feast. I’ve made donner meat in the slow cooker several times (recipe soon) & it tastes just like the real deal but you know every ingredient that’s went into making it! I whipped up a batch on for dinner along with some kebab sauce, pitta bread, spiced onions, chicken tikka & bombay potatoes. It was indeed a feast & hit the spot perfectly! Who needs a takeaway?!


As promised, I’ll sign off with some new & recent openings I’ve been informed of recently:

  • Chimichanga, Silverburn Shopping Centre – I think this should be opening this weekend as I was invited to the soft launch this Thursday but unfortunately can’t make it
  • Bakery 47, Victoria Road, Glasgow – Bakery 47 have finally opened their long awaited bakery in the heart of the Southside. The opening hours vary day to day soI’d recommend checking their facebook page before venturing over
  • Meadow Road Coffee, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow – Meadow Road are the latest addition to the Partick coffee scene (and handily 2 minutes from my flat!). The opened their doors a few weeks ago & have recently started providing some tasty sounding sandwiches to go with the Dear Green Coffee & Bakery 47 cakes on offer.

Review: Rice n Spicy

I came across Rice n Spicy through the wonderful world of Twitter. They are a small company, focussing on the creation of authentic Punjab meals. All meals are made from scratch & contain no artifical ingredients or preservatives.

Partial to a good curry, I decided to venture across the city to the Clarkston Farmers Market where they have a stall on the fourth Saturday of every month. Having spoken over Twitter, I introduced myself & asked which curries they recommend.

I was advised that the slow cooked lamb curry was one of the best they have but as I’m not much of a lamb fan, I decided to pass on it. I did, however, decide to branch out & try two curries I’ve never had before – Punjab Kofta & Tarka Daal along with much anticipated Stornoway Black Pudding pakora & their namesake Spicy Rice.

Rice n Spicy Curries

The much anticipated Black Pudding Pakora!

On opening the packets, I noticed that the curry was a lot more fragrant & didn’t have that standard curry smell you normally find from your local takeaway. We tried the black pudding pakora first & it was divine! The black pudding was soft yet somehow still in a perfectly shaped ball & went well with the additional spices in the pakora batter. Al questioned how they managed to get the black pudding to stay in shape considering how delicate it is (Rash – one you could answer??). It came with a pakora sauce & raita. I have to say, the raita was the better of the two, very light & the taste was perfect. The pakora sauce on the other hand was very light & different from the usual pakora sauce. It was lacking a bit of a kick that you would normally expect.

Black Pudding Pakora!

The punjab kofta which is a tomato based curry with small beef meatballs was very tasty. I am not a fan of meatballs so I wasn’t sure if I would like this curry but the texture was more like lamb koftas you get at barbecues – soft & fall apart quite easily. The sauce wasn’t much to my liking as I could really taste the tomatoes (I can’t stand tomatoes!) but Al who isn’t a fan of tomatoes either couldn’t taste it & he loved it. The tarka daal was different from what I had expected. As it’s made mainly of lentils, I had expected a thick, stodgy curry. Instead this tarka daal was light & spicy yet filling. A total treat! The spicy rice was different from your bog standard pilau rice as it was mixed with peas & chickpeas & you could taste some other spices it had been mixed with. It didn’t have the big kick I was expecting giving the name but it went well with the curries.

I would definitely recommend that you check out Rice n Spicy & their range of products. They do packs for home delivery & are present at several markets during the month. If you’re a curry lover, you won’t be let down & as you can see, they are a sell out!
A successful day's selling